How to view Di2 shifting statistics

Di2 statistics

So got yourself a Di2 Wireless Unit and have set up your head unit to display the currently selected gears. That’s pretty cool, we agree! What would be even better is the ability to get a nice report of your gear shifts. On this page we’ll tell you how to do that!

Using the Wahoo Element companion app

If you ride with a Wireless Unit enabled there’s not much you have to do. Just pair it to your Wahoo Element (or Garmin) and it’ll automatically record shifting data for you. Then, after a ride, open the ride results page. All your gear shifts are right there.

Element gear stats

Have the Wireless Unit paired but don’t see the GEARS display on the results screen? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap EDIT CARDS. You should then be able to enable/disable the GEARS card.


Di2Stats.com was created in 2014 by Brian Toone, an assistant professor at Samford University. At the time of writing it is the only website that allows you to upload your rides and generate shifting statistics. It’s really simple! After a ride get the .fit file from your device or app and upload it to di2stats.com. It will then work its magic, generate and display statistics.

Di2Stats.com screen 1
After uploading a .fit file you’ll see general ride stats and a pie-chart displaying the time you’ve spent in each gear combination

Scroll down a bit and you’ll get more detailed shifting information. It’ll display at what point in time you shifted to what gear, when you changed chain ring and how much time you spent in each gear. The website also shows the raw shift data.

Di2Stats.com shift data screen