Micro-adjust your front derailleur while riding your bike

Front derailleur micro adjustment

Installing a new Di2 front derailleur is a relatively simple task. You mount it to the frame, connect the EW-SD50 electric wire, set up your high- and low limit screws and you’re set to go. Except when you’re not. Sometimes…. sometimes it just doesn’t work flawlessly out of the box. While those cases are rare, it is actually possible and really easy to micro-adjust your front derailleur on the go. This is how it’s done:

  1. Before you do anything, correctly set the high/low limit screws
  2. Shift your rear derailleur to the largest cog (or lightest gear)
    You may have to disable synchro–shifting to be able to do this.
  3. Make sure the front derailleur is in the big ring (heaviest gear)
  4. Press and hold the button on the junction box until the red LED illuminates to indicate you’re in adjustment mode (about 5 seconds)

You can now use the shift buttons to move the front derailleur closer towards the big or small chain ring. Do your adjustments and once you’re done press and hold the junction box button until the red light turns off. The adjustment will be stored and normal operation will resume.

Di2 road micro-adjustment of Front derailleur
Shimano recommend the gap [A-B] is as small as possible: 0 – 0.5mm. They say you should adjust so that there is a clearance of 0 -0.5mm between the chain and the chain guide inner plate.
Note that this is not the only way to micro-adjust your front derailleur. You could also connect your bike to your Windows computer and use the e-Tube project software to adjust your derailleurs. And yeah… you could do the method mentioned in this post while riding your bike.. but good luck to anyone attempting to carry a laptop, ride their bike and adjust their front derailleur at the same time!