Shimano announce Gravel (GRX) Di2 RX815 series. Compatibility charts updated!

Shimano Di2 Gravel - GRX announced

Shimano just announced their brand new Gravel or GRX groupset. We won’t bore you with the generic details that you can find on any cycling website today, but we will show you the new Di2 800-series hardware. Yep! New Di2 hardware! (available in August)

Updated software and compatibility charts

While you cannot actually download it yet, Shimano do mention e-Tube software version 3.4.2 – we assume this adds GRX support to the Windows software. Stay tuned for more information!

Of course we have also updated our compatibility charts. You can look up what road, grx, mtb or urban components are compatible with each other on the compatibility charts page.

The Hardware

GRX_RD-RX815 short cage rear derailleur
The GRX RD-RX815 short cage Di2 rear derailleur

GRX_RD-RX817 long cage rear derailleur
RD-RX817 long cage Di2 rear derailleur

GRX_ST-RX815 Shifter
The GRX ST-RX815 Shifter

GRX_FD-RX815 Front Derailleur
The GRX FD-RX815 Front Derailleur

The mechanical GRX components will be released in June, the Di2 hardware should be available in August. We’ll make sure to add the full hardware details to our hardware page way before then.