e-Tube project download. Previously: e-Tube has stopped working: how to get it running

e-Tube application has stopped working

[Update 2:] While Shimano have taken version 3.4.4 offline, the download link still points to the deleted file meaning it is impossible to download the software. Fortunately the old link still works, all you need to do is change the version number in the URL.

To Download e-Tube project software, use one of these links:

[Update: Shimano have taken version 3.4.4 offline – the latest version is now 3.4.3]

Original post:
Shimano released the latest version (3.4.4) of their Windows e-Tube Project software earlier this month. It fixed an issue that prevented some users from updating their firmware.

Unfortunately this update seems to have broken something else. When new users – people that have not used e-Tube Project software before – install and run the application all they get is a splash screen and then a Windows error message:

e-Tube Project has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

Don’t worry – this is not an issue with your computer. It seems Shimano made a little mistake packaging the latest version of the e-Tube application for release.

Fix your e-Tube Project installation

Fortunately there is an easy fix. The older version of the software still works – version 3.4.1. Get your e-Tube software running in five easy steps:

  1. Download e-Tube Project version 3.4.1
  2. While that’s downloading, uninstall e-Tube Project v3.4.4
  3. Install e-Tube Project v3.4.1
  4. Run the application
  5. Did version 3.4.1 run without problem? Then now try installing version 3.4.4 – that should also work now

Other ways to update firmware and change settings

The Windows software is not the only way to update your Di2 firmware or change its settings. If you have an EW-WU111 Wireless Unit installed you can also use the Android or iOS apps to configure or update your system. It’ll also let you control your Garmin/Wahoo, view shifting statistics and more. It usually isn’t installed on brand new bikes though, so you’d need to have it added afterwards in order to use the apps