News update: GRX Di2 first rides, firmware and iOS 13 and e-Tube compatibility

iOS compatibility update

We don’t post a lot of news – our main content is guides, tips and tricks. Every once in a while there is news worth sharing though and today is one of those times.

GRX Di2 first rides

Shimano hosted GRX Di2 test events early in September. If you’re interested in GRX Di2 have a look at the BikeRadar first ride review, BikeRumor video review, the GravelCyclist’s article and video or visit your favorite bicycle related website – they probably have first ride articles online too.

e-Tube iOS13

Upcoming iOS 13 release and e-Tube app

Apple is set to release the latest version of their operating system – iOS 13. Normally we wouldn’t pay attention to new Apple releases, but several iOS beta users have reported compatibility issues with iOS 13 and Shimano’s e-Tube project application.

The application hangs on startup and closes by itself. This means the e-Tube application can not be used with iOS 13 at the moment.

Do you have an Apple device and a Wireless Unit installed? Then hold off updating your device until you are sure you can use the e-Tube application on iOS 13. We will update this page when things change.

Keep an eye on this page and the iPhone and iPad pages for more information.

[UPDATE 2] New version released: iOS 13 e-tube issues resolved.

[UPDATE – thanks Rick]: Shimano have acknowledged the issue on their e-tube project website. They say:

It has been confirmed that the E-TUBE PROJECT application does not work properly on iPhone/iPad iOS Ver.13.

If you can use the iPhone/iPad iOS before the Ver. 13 or E-TUBE PROJECT (Public version*) please keep using it.
*SM-PCE02, SM-PCE1, or SM-BCR2 is required to use the Public version.

If you only have devices that correspond to iPhone/iPad iOS Ver.13, please contact the nearest Shimano bicycle dealer that can use the Public version of E-TUBE PROJECT.

Currently, we are working on this issue and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Firmware updates

Somewhat related to the GRX news above – Shimano have released new firmware in June, July and September. The June and July firmware updates are mainly about making existing components work with the GRX Di2 series.

The FD-R9150, RD-R9150, FD-M8050 and RD-M8050 have been “adopted for FD-RX815 and RD-RX815 / RD-RX817. This means that you can now use these components together with GRX parts. The functionality of these R9150 and M8050 series hardware has not changed.

September firmware updates were about the E8000, E7000 and E6100 series hardware – the Shimano e-bike system.

Read how to update your component firmware right here.