Things have been quiet lately – what’s up with the site?

Bettershifting header

So I haven’t posted anything on Di2Center.com for a while.. this is not because there is nothing to write about – there definitely is! Also, there are no CoVid issues or any other critical things preventing me from writing… so what’s going on?

Well… the site is moving!

Moving? Where?

Within a month I will be moving this site to https://bettershifting.com – if you visit that page now it will just redirect you to Di2Center.com.

After spending quite a bit of time on the technical side of things, I have spent the past few weeks moving content over, before and after work each day.. while also getting some rides in.


You may have noticed the new site name is going to be different. The content will stay the same though – bettershifting.com will still be the independent Di2 Resource.

I have also taken some time to improve the speed of the site (Di2Center.com is horribly slow) and make it easier to use on mobile phones and tablets – the devices you have nearby when working on your bike. It will also be able to find the information you have and this time all Di2 components will be listed on the site, rather than just the most recent ones.

Also, there will be some STEPS / e-bike Di2 information on the site in the future. Even better, the new setup will let me write new posts without automatically sending a ‘new content’ newsletter to everyone each time.


Di2Center started as a personal pet project early 2019 and it has grown faster than I imagined it would. This is great, but it also caused some confusion.

Every few weeks I got emails from users asking me when I would release Apple E-Tube software, why I had not made my mobile e-Tube software available in some countries or why I won’t warranty someone’s broken hardware.

While the “We are not Shimano” message on the contact form definitely reduced the amount these emails, the confusion is still there. You can easily mistake Di2Center.com for an official Shimano website – it is not. And if that wasn’t enough, “Di2” is actually a Shimano trademark.

Now I want to be very clear about this: I have been in touch with Shimano over the past year and a half and both Shimano PR and Technical support have been very supportive of the site. No one has forced me to move the site or threatened to take it down. In fact, Shimano let me attend their Di2 shop/mechanic course last year and even sent over some hardware this year. (no, not a bribe :)).

Show me the new site?!?!

Ok, ok! I am actually still moving content over, but if you want to have a look at the test environment, you can. When you do, keep in mind:

  • Content is being copied/pasted over. It hasn’t been checked for accuracy yet
  • Not all links are fully functional yet
  • It needs some more styling tweaks
  • …and compatibility testing in different browsers
  • The ‘Contact me‘ form isn’t working yet

The TEST environment can be found right here: https://goodshifting.com. The username is goodshifting and the password is di2test

It is not a secret, the user/pass are just there to help naughty robots / web crawlers away :).

And yeah, the real site url will be https://bettershifting.com – but don’t worry about updating bookmarks. I will spend another week to move all content over and then 2-3 weeks tweaking all remaining issues.

When I’m done with that I will set up Di2Center.com to redirect all old content to the right pages on bettershifting.com and you will be moved over automatically.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to send me a message!