About Di2Center

Ever wondered who we are? This page explains why Di2Center exists, what we are and where we ride.

Di2Center is not part of Shimano

Di2Center is an independent web site, not affiliated with Shimano, PRO, Pearl Izumi, Lazer or any other brands in any way. While we do have access to technical Shimano support and other helpful resources, any articles, posts, opinions and guides on Di2Center are 100% our own and should be interpreted as such.

2019 – Di2Center launch and philosophy

The Di2Center site was created in early 2019 as a Terry’s pet project. As one of the few Di2-only sites we aim to be the Di2 authority. Our goal is to enable the consumer to do more of their own maintenance and be more knowledgeable about Di2 bikes.

Electronic shifting prices have been decreasing for a while now and Di2 bikes have become more affordable and popular. Most users do not really know how the bike works however, and are sometimes stuck with relatively simple problems.

We would certainly recommend people visit their Local Bike Shops when they can, but unfortunately not everyone has a friendly LBS around. That’s where we come in. We help you, the consumer, to tweak and maintain your bike.

Contact us

We love hearing from users or even bike shops. If you’d like to send us a message you can do so using the Contact Us page. We are located in the Netherlands, Europe and most of our riding happens in the Rotterdam area.