Corrupting and restoring firmware and new product roundup

I usually do not write news posts, but this week there is actually quite a lot of Di2 related news.. Not only have a couple of new products been released [ … ]

Diagnose battery drain issues
Send us your questions
How to enable the buttons on your shifter hoods

If you own a recent Road or Gravel Di2 bike you will have noticed each shifter is equipped with three buttons: the two shift buttons and an extra button on [ … ]

iOS compatibility update
Wireless unit and connectivity
Di2 for Dummies – beginner’s guide to Di2

When you buy a Di2 bike it generally does not come with a Di2 manual. And even when it does it is usually horribly outdated or full of information you [ … ]

Connecting it all together
How to adjust your mountain bike Di2 rear derailleur

A short while ago we wrote a post on how to micro-adjust your road di2 rear derailleur and front derailleur. This time we’ll explain how to do the same with [ … ]

Shimano Di2 Gravel - GRX announced
Set up your rear derailleur
Micro-adjust your front derailleur while riding your bike

Installing a new Di2 front derailleur is a relatively simple task. You mount it to the frame, connect the EW-SD50 electric wire, set up your high- and low limit screws and you’re [ … ]

How does synchro shift work?
Di2 Compatibility – mix Ultegra, Dura-Ace, XT and XTR!

Did you know most Di2 hardware is cross-series compatible? You can actually mix different series and even different generations of Di2 hardware, as long as you make sure you follow [ … ]

Di2 security by GPLama
Hello Di2 world!