External Battery mount

The BM-DN100 external battery mount lets you use the older generation SM-BTR1 on your bike and take advantage of Synchronized Shifting - this battery mount contains updated hardware that enables Synchro-shift. If you cannot fit the BT-DN110 internal battery in your frame, this external mount and SM-BTR1 is what you'd use.

It is available in three versions, so you will probably be able to find one that suits your bike. The BM-DN100-S is the short version, supporting internal/external wiring. The BM-DN100-L is the long mount while BM-DN100-I is a long mount meant for internal cable routing. Have a look at the BM-DN100 different sizes pdf for more information.

Use the long version if you have the space for it. The long mount lets you use an external battery and a bottle cage. The short mount is meant for small frames or frames that cannot accommodate the long mount.

All three versions are fastened using M4 x 10mm (or 16mm) screws.

BM-DN100 battery mount

Details & specifications

Shimano model codeBM-DN100-S, BM-DN100-L, BM-DN-100-I
Shimano model nameExternal battery mount
Weight50 g
SeriesUltegra 6770, Ultegra 6780, Ultegra R8000, DURA-ACE 9070, DURA-ACE R9150, GRX, MTB
Downloads BM-DN100 manual
BM-DN100 Different sizes
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Additional images

BM-DN100 short

BM-DN100-S (short)


BM-DN100-I (long, internal)

BM-DN100-I (long, internal)

BM-DN100 battery mount

BM-DN100-I (long)