Front Derailleur

Shimano's FD-9070 front derailleur is available in two versions - the FD-9070-F  is attached to the frame using braze-on, while the FD-9070-B is mounted using a clamp.

It has a total capacity of 16T, a top gear teeth of 50T and it weighs 110g.

FD-9070 front derailleur

Details & specifications

Shimano model codeFD-9070
Shimano model nameFront Derailleur
Weight110 g
SeriesDURA-ACE 9070
Downloads Di2 Front Derailleur manual
DURA-ACE 9070 manual
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Installation guides

Read how to install this front derailleur in our FD-6870 / FD-9070 installation guide.

Learn how to set up the top and low limit adjustment bolts in our two-adjustment-bolt front derailleur adjustment guide.