Frame/Handlebar Junction A

The EW-RS910 junction box replaces the more traditional below the stem junction SM-EW90. It is mounted either in the handlebar end or somewhere built into the frame.

The junction box has two E-tube ports to connect it to the rest of the system, a charging port and a button used to check battery status and change settings on the fly.


Details & specifications

Shimano model codeEW-RS910
Shimano model nameFrame/Handlebar Junction A
Weight11 g
SeriesUltegra 6770, Ultegra 6780, Ultegra R8000, DURA-ACE 9070, DURA-ACE R9150
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Installation and cable routing

You would usually install this junction box together with the EW-JC130 Y-connector cable. Depending on where you put it on the bike, there areĀ  several ways to do cable routing.

Junction A (EW-RS910) in handlebar

EW-RS910 Junction box in the handlebar

When the EW-RS910 is installed in one of the handlebar ends it is connected to both shifters using the EW-JC130 Y-connector cable. This cable connects two components to the rest of the system. In the image above the left shifter is connected to one end of the Y-connector. The EW-RS910 junction box is connected to the other end. Then, to connect everything to the rest of the system, the short cable of the Y-connector is plugged into the EW-WU111 Wireless Unit.
Note that the wireless unit is optional, using the EW-JC200 inline 2-port junction instead will work just as well.

Junction A (EW-RS910) in the frame

EW-RS910 junction in the frame

Some bike manufacturers have built dedicated EW-RS910 spots into their frames - usually somewhere on the downtube. These usually look nice and clean, but cable routing is slightly different from the regular handlebar bar-end junction. In this setup the EW-JC130 Y-connector directly connects to both shifters. It then connects to either an EW-WU111 wireless unit or the EW-JC200 2-port inline junction, which is connected to the EW-RS910 junction A (see upper half of image).