Front Derailleur

The Shimano FD-RX815-F GRX front derailleur is Shimano's first GRX Di2 front derailleur. It features wider clearance by moving the chainline +2.5 mm outward vs. a conventional road front derailleur.

FD-RX815-F Front Derailleur

Details & specifications

Shimano model codeFR-RX815-F
Shimano model nameFront Derailleur
Weight0 g
SeriesGRX Di2
Downloads di2_front_derailleur_manual
GRX manual
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The derailleur can be installed directly onto the frame (seatstay):

GRX Front Derailleur


or by using the Di2 Front derailleur band adapter:


GRX front derailleur adapter


Connecting the electric wire

Connect the electric wire

To disconnect the electric wire you first need to remove the plug cover. You can use the Shimano TL-EW02 cable plug tool to do this:

Disconnect the electric wire


Read more on how to install this front derailleur in our FD-RX815 / FD-R8050 / FD-R9150 front derailleur installation guide.

Learn how to set up the top and low limit adjustment bolts in our one-adjustment-bolt front derailleur adjustment guide.