Building a bike – cable routing, how to connect it all

If you’re building a new Di2-equipped bike there are a couple of things you’ll need to decide. We’ve already published a post on what components are available and how to [ … ]

mtb rear derailleur micro-adjust
Shimano announce Gravel (GRX) Di2 RX815 series. Compatibility charts updated!

Shimano just announced their brand new Gravel or GRX groupset. We won’t bore you with the generic details that you can find on any cycling website today, but we will [ … ]

Set up your rear derailleur
Front derailleur micro adjustment
e-Tube project download. Previously: e-Tube has stopped working: how to get it running

[Update 2:] While Shimano have taken version 3.4.4 offline, the download link still points to the deleted file meaning it is impossible to download the software. Fortunately the old link [ … ]

Update your firmware!
di2 change wireless passkey
How to connect your Di2 system to your Windows computer

Modern Di2 is basically a couple of controllers and motors that communicate with each other using the EW-SD50 wires. Shimano lets end-users configure their own Di2 systems using their e-tube [ … ]

Front derailleur Di2
Di2 statistics