How to troubleshoot Di2 battery drain issues

A well tuned Di2 system is a joy to ride. It shifts effortlessly and lets you focus on riding the bike. Most riders can go for about 2000-3000 km without [ … ]

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Shifter exploded view header
News update: GRX Di2 first rides, firmware and iOS 13 and e-Tube compatibility

We don’t post a lot of news – our main content is guides, tips and tricks. Every once in a while there is news worth sharing though and today is [ … ]

Wireless unit and connectivity
Di2 for Dummies
Can’t shift to smallest sprockets when in small ring? Adjust Gear Position Control

Over the past couple of months we have received multiple messages from users unable to shift into the smallest sprockets (sometimes cogs). Most users are concerned that their new Di2 [ … ]

How to use presets in etube app
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e-Tube app updated – iOS 13 e-Tube compatibility issues resolved

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about iOS 13 – e-Tube compatibility issues. Word that iOS 13 and the e-Tube app didn’t play nice together also reached Shimano [ … ]

iOS compatibility update
e-tube ipad - set up synchro shift