Backup and restore your bike settings using e-tube presets

Shimano’s e-Tube project software allows you to read your bike’s settings and store them to a file. This can be useful when you’re replacing broken components, when experimenting with settings [ … ]

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iOS compatibility update
News update: GRX Di2 first rides, firmware and iOS 13 and e-Tube compatibility

We don’t post a lot of news – our main content is guides, tips and tricks. Every once in a while there is news worth sharing though and today is [ … ]

e-tube ipad - set up synchro shift
e-Tube application has stopped working
Shimano Firmware Update – May(and March) updates

You may have noticed we skipped the March firmware update news post – that is because it wasn’t all that interesting. The list of May 2019 firmware updates is a [ … ]

di2 change wireless passkey
How to customise Synchronized Shift settings

So you’ve read about synchronized shifting and are wondering how to set it up? Read all about customising your synchro-shift settings here. You’ll need a couple of things to get [ … ]

Di2 statistics
Update your firmware!
How to recover from a failed Wireless firmware update

The EW-WU111 Wireless Unit is a great piece of kit. It allows you to view Di2 information on your head unit, let your Di2 system control your head unit and [ … ]

Di2 security by GPLama
Hello Di2 world!