What do I need to use Synchronized Shifting?

Synchronized Shifting is available to everyone running current or previous generation Di2 with up-to-date firmware and the BT-DN110 battery or BM-DN100 external battery mount installed.

The synchronized-shifting compatible series are:

  • Ultegra 6870
  • Ultegra R8050
  • DURA-ACE R9000
  • DURA-ACE R915

Synchronized Shifting is also available on mountain bikes. In order to use synchronized shifting on a mountain bike you need up-to-date firmware, the BT-DN110 battery or BM-DN100 external battery mount and also a System Information Display (SC-M9050, SC-M9051 or SC-MT800).

The synchronized-shifting compatible mountain series are:

  • XTR M9050
  • Deore XT M8050